A Transforming Egypt

As the Arab Spring continues, Egypt still witnesses the turbulence of the transition period. What consequences are to be expected? The date for the election is the 28th of November but yet there are many questions to be answered regarding Egypt’s way towards a full scale democracy. The new political map is yet to be drawn: Which political parties will participate in the election and what are their ambitions? Will the election change the relationships with Israel and the USA? What role do the women play in the process?

Folk och Försvar (Society and Defence) has the pleasure to invite you to a public meeting with the Ambassador of Egypt Mr. Osama Elmagdoub. The issues above and others are what we hope will be discussed during the seminar.


Kommentar från AK |

Interesting to see the ambassador making up facts.

The most recent poll conducted by DEDI and Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies showed that 38% of Egyptians prefer an Islamic state, while 53% prefer a civil-democratic state and 10% a strong state, even not democratic. So the ambassadors claim that the numbers are 75% in favor of a liberal democracy is completly wrong


Kommentar från Osama Elmagdoub |

I think it would be naive to make up facts, it is simply that different polling centers conclude to different results.
Here is a link to news report on the poll I referred to, you just need to open in Google translate and choose Arabic for source and English for target.


Kommentar från AK |

Than you for taking the time to reply, mr. Ambassador.

I would still consider it misleading to report statistics as absolute facts, when different surveys have different results.

Second of all I would advise you to use most reliable data, if you only want to refer to one survey.

The survey you refer to was conducted - according to the article - in 10 districts with 1000 interviews. That means it was conducted in less than half of Egypts governorates.

The survey I refer to was conducted in 22 governorates,covering 99% of Egypt's population. The survey sample was 2400.

Obviously this makes the second survey the most reliable source of information.

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