Let’s rule a country

- An introduction to security policy

“Let’s rule a country” is a role-playing simulation developed by Society and Defence. The purpose of Let’s rule a country is to give the participants an introduction to security politics and to increase their knowledge and interest in security politics and relating issues.

The game takes place in a fictive region called “the Green Sea Region” and the participants form governments in five different countries. A role playing leader leads the simulation and the students have to make political decisions on a variety of issues such as oil exploration, border disputes, ethnic strife, drought and political alliances. How the Green Sea Region will look at the end of the exercise is hard to tell, since the participants form the region through their political decisions.

After the exercise the role playing leader, together with the participants, analyze the events and evaluate the countries different actions during the exercise.

“Let’s rule a country” has been around since 1999 and 2010 we performed more than 500 simulations all over Sweden reaching app. 12500 students.

Since 1999 we have performed more than 3000 simulations.